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Determination methods of antibiotics in the food products (review).

S.V. Beltyukova, E.O. Liventsova.

It is shown that mainly immunological and microbiological tests of foreign production are used for the determination of antibiotics in the dairy industry. Express tests are both convenient and easy to use, there is no need to use additional equipment, they allow to realize an analysis in the field condition. Detection limits are of 0.01-0.05 mg / ml. A large number of studies is devoted to the application of the sensitized luminescence of Eu (III) Tb (III) ions in the presence of antibiotics of tetracycline and quinolone series, which are the most widely used in animal breeding. The solid state, kinetic and time-resolved luminescence are used in some cases to reduce the detection limits and to increase the selectivity of determination. The molecular luminescence of antibiotics is used in some studies as an analytical signal. To isolate the antibiotics from the analyzed samples, organic solvent extraction or solid phase extraction are used in some cases. The limits of detection in this case are 1-10 ng / ml. Amperometric titration, ionometry and voltammetry are used among electrochemical methods. These methods are characterized by high sensitivity, simplicity and selectivity. The capillary electrophoresis method - alternative one to the liquid chromatography method by the limit of detection - was used for the simultaneous determination of several antibiotics in analyte. Method of HPLC with fluorescence, UV- and mass spectrometry detectors is the most used for the determination of antibiotics in food. The detection limit is 0.5-5 mg / g. The composition of the matrix, selectivity, rapidity, sensitivity of the chosen method, and the availability of the equipment design should be taken into account at the selection of a method for determination of the antibiotic.

Key words: antibiotics, determination methods, food products.

MOCA, 2013, 8(1) p. 4-13

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