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Electrothermal atomic absorption determination of platinum in the bioliquids.

А. Alemasova, О. Ponomarenko.

 The conditions for platinum electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopic (ETAAS) determination in biological liquids of patients using platinum-based anticancer drugs were optimized. The thermodynamic simulation of high-temperature pyrolysis and atomization processes of platinum chloride(IV) water solutions and platinum-containing drug Carboplatin was carried out and time-temperature atomizer heating program was selected based on the simulation results. The possibility of heat-resistant carbide PtC formation in gaseous phase was shown to be a reason of the matrix interferences.
Chemical modifier dimethylglyoxime as water-alcohol solution was proposed for the matrix interferences elimination and results reproducibility improvement. Platinum dimethylglyoximate pyrolisis process investigation made by derivatography method as well as the intermediate pyrolysis products investigation made by X-ray phase method showed that platinum reduction takes place at much more lower temperature (300C) than for the standard solution.
The direct (without preliminary sample acid decomposition) ETAAS procedure of platinum determination in the blood serum, ascitic fluid and lymphocytes was developed, the detection limit was found to be 20 μg/L and Sr does not exceed 0.1.

Key words: electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry, platinum, chemical modifiers, bioliquids

MOCA, 2013, 8(1) p. 24-29

Publisher:Taras Shevchenko National University, Kiev Ukraine

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