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Methods of Spectrophotometric Determination of Sulphanilamides. Review

M.Ya. Smolinska*†‡, O.Ya. Korkuna, I.Ya. Kotsiumbas, T.Ya. Vrublevska, G.Yu. Teslyar

* Corresponding authors
State Scientific Research Control Institute of Veterinary Preparations and Fodder Additives, Donetska Str.,11, Lviv, Ukraine, 79019
Ivan Franko National University, Kyryla and Mefodia Str., 6, Lviv, Ukraine, 79005

Methods Objects Chem. Anal., 2016, 11(2), p. 51-80

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In a review the known techniques of spectrophotometric determination of sulfanilamides (SA) published in period from 1937 to 2015 were considered. They are conditionally divided into two basic groups. The first group (less numerous) includes techniques of determination of SА based on own absorption in the UV-region of the spectrum. The second group (more numerous) combines the techniques based on spectrophotometry of colored products of SA formed at the reactions of condensation, chelation, nucleophilic substitution with different organic reagents and formed in azo coupling reactions of diazonium salts of SA with amino and/or hydroxyl-containing organic compounds. It should to mention, in second group a special place is occupied techniques of kinetic and extractivespectrophotometric determination of SA. The main advantages and disadvantages of spectrophotometric techniques of SA determination have been characterized. The conclusions concerning the trends of analysis of methodological approaches SA, which can be traced in scientific work in this direction was made.

Keywords: spectrophotometry, sulphanilamides, reactions of azocoupling, condensation, chelation, nucleophilic substitution, medicinal preparations, biological liquids

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