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Development and Evaluation of the Suitability of the Method for Determining the Content of Egg Coccidiostatics using Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography - Tandem Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS)

O.V. Bayer, O.V. Kaminska, L.V. Shevchenko*, V.М. Mykhalska, О.М. Stupak, O.V. Bondarets, Yu.V. Dobrozhan

* Corresponding authors
State Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise, 30, Donetska st., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000;

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, 15, Heroyiv Oborony st., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03041;

Methods Objects Chem. Anal., 2019, 14(1), p. 43-51 

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The conducted studies assessed the suitability of the method of ultra performance liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) and established the MS/MS detection parameters and determined its validation characteristics for the analysis of residual content of coccidiostatics in food eggs. It has been proved that this method is accurate, practical and universal, which is confirmed by the data of ССα for amprolium – 2.14 μg/kg, diclazuril – 2.37 μg/kg, monensin – 2.34 μg/kg, narazin – 2.28 μg/kg, semduramicin – 2.23 μg/kg, toltrazuril 2.5 – μg/kg, salinomycin – 3.32 μg/kg, halofuginone – 6.18 μg/kg, maduramycin – 13.06 μg/kg, decoquinate – 2.37 μg/kg, robenidine – 26.06 μg/kg, nicarbazine – 316.7 μg/kg, percentage of return is 92.4 – 111 %. The results obtained for assessing the suitability, accuracy and reproducibility of the results meet the requirements of the European Directives.The developed method allows to detect residual amounts of about 12 coccidiostatics that are used in poultry for the prevention of coccidiosis.

Keywords: coccidiostatics, residual content, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, food eggs

Article language: Ukr

Publisher:Taras Shevchenko National University, Kiev Ukraine

(Analytical chemistry department at Taras Shevchenko National University, 64 Vladimirskaya STR., Kiev, 01601 UKRAINE),, +380-44-2393266

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