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How to submite the manuscript
(for authors who can read Cyrillic characters, please use this link )

The journal is a periodical issue with hybrid open access. It gives authors the opportunity to publish the results of their research both in articles distributed by subscription and in open access1 (Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)).

Submitted works shall cover the results of completed studies and shall make scientific contributions to the relevant area of expertise.

The journal accepts manuscripts of previously unpublished scientific research (The manuscript preprints in special databases such as are allowed).

The manuscript must contain an introduction, which includes:
a) scientific or practical problem, which your research is focused,
b) review of literature that demonstrates recent advances in the chosen field of research,
c) obstacles or unsolved aspects of the problem,
d) Identify the hypothesis (the aim of the research) and the methodology used to find a solution/improve the methodology of the problem selected.
The work shall present an advance over the existing literature.
The results have to be discussed in the context of the literature.
Authors have to provide sufficient evidence/data to support the conclusions made.

All submitted manuscripts will pass through two-phase review by the member of editorial board and anonymous reviewers.

We follow the single blind peer-review procedure for submissions of all manuscripts. All submitted articles are subjected to an extensive peer review in consultation with members of the journal’s editorial board and independent external referees (usually two reviewers). All manuscripts are assessed rapidly and the decision based on all the peer reviewers' comments, taken by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, is then conveyed to the author(s).

Copyediting and Proofs Articles must be written in Ukrainian or English in a clear and correct style in order to maintain uniformity throughout the text. Articles submitted are copyedited before they are published.

To submit your manuscript, please send complete word file (with pictures, tables and list of references to: Please also add the cover letter to editor.

After review all correspondence shall be made through the technical editors Dr. Natalia Kobylinskaya,

On acceptance, the paper version of the article shall be signed by all authors and send to editor.

Manuscript publication process

After being received by the editors, the manuscript is sent to the reviewers and, upon receiving comments from them, is returned to the authors for revision.

After making the agreed changes, the manuscript enters the technical department of the journal for layout and technical editing.

The technical department of the journal can also send the authors a manuscript for revision, obtained after a scientific review, if it is not prepared according to the requirements of the journal.

After the manuscript is accepted by the technical department, an article draft is created (as a pdf file), which is sent to the authors for proofreading. The final version of the draft, signed by all the authors of the article, together with the completed copyright transfer form, shall be sent to the editorial office2.

After that, the article is assigned a DOI, it is displayed on the website of the journal and is being prepared for printing.

Structure of the manuscript

The manuscript should contain:
1) title
2) names (initials) and surnames of the authors of the article with special marks of belonging to one or another organization (†, ‡, ). Corresponding author(s) must be indicated (by the symbol *, **)
3) the full name of the institution where the authors work and its postal address (street, city, country, zip code),
4) e-mail of the author, marked with *,
5) ORCID of the authors (see - please register if nesessary
6) abstract (100-200 words),
7) keywords
8) the main text of the article
9) references.

For preparation of the manuscript we advise to use the layout, which could be download from link

The main text of the article should be presented in the following order:

  1.  introduction - coverage of the current state of the issue under study (with references to primary sources), setting the goal and objectives of the study;

  2.  materials and methods of research (experimental part) - a list of materials and equipment used during the study

  3.  research results and their discussion - analysis, generalization of the obtained results, their comparison with known data from the literature;

  4.  conclusion - a brief justification of the results presented in the article, the main conclusions;

  5. Acknowledgments

  6. References
    a) The list of references is compiled in the order of the first mentioning of sources and is given only in English transliteration (see
    b) For preparation of the article we strongly recommend to use free Mendeley Reference Management Software from Elsevier (
    c) For list of references please use the American Chemical Society style (can be downloaded here
    Examples of citation:
    1. Autor_1, I. I.; Autor_2, I. I.; Autor_3, I. I.; et al. Article title. Journal short title. YYYY, V (No), pp-pp. Example:
    Zheng, W. W.; Hsieh, Y. H.; Chiu, Y. C.; et al. Organic Functionalization of Ultradispersed Nanodiamond. J. Mater. Chem. 2009, 19 (44), 8432–8441.
    c) try NOT to cite textbooks, since they are not a source of the primary experimental information.

To submite a manuscript, please send to next materils:

1) Full electronic version of the article (in *.doc or *.docx) with figures, tables and references.
2) Graphic (*.gif, *.jpeg, etc.) and table (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.doc, *.docx) files.


  1. By the decision of the editorial board, from the year 2021, all publications from authors outside of Ukraine are accepted in open access form only.

  2. To be published authors have to sign the Agreement of copyright transfer with editor.

Publisher:Taras Shevchenko National University, Kiev Ukraine

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