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Methods of perchlorate determination in laboratory and field environment


Khimchenko S.V., Eksperiandova L.P.

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Cryoscopy method for the determining the content of the major substance as a means of certification of reference materials of pesticides


Chugunov B.M., Kovalchuk T.N., Antonovich V.P.

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Determination of antimony and bismuth in silver solder samples using ICP atomic emission spectrometry method with application of continuous hydride generator


Manshilin V.I., Vinokurova E.K., Doroshenko A.I.

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The quantitative determination of 4-aminobutyric acid impurity in drug substance sodium alendronate by micellar thin-layer chromatography


Le Cong H., Boichenko A.P., Drobot А.V., Loginova L.P

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Ion-exchange separation of polyphosphates and their complexes with zinc(II)


Khlyntseva S.V., Vishnikin A.B.

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Автоматизация качественного анализа объектов сложного состава по атомно эмиссионным спектрам


В. И. Вершинин, И. В.Серебренников

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The determination of Eu2+and Eu3+ contents in fluorides EuF3-х 153-158

Meshkova S.B., Antonovich V.P., Tarasenko S.A., Topilova Z.M., Zinchenko V.F., Timukhin E.V., Chivireva N.A., Devyatykh N.N.

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