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Volume 8, No 2, 2013

Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the environmental objects . The review

К.К. Tsymbaliuk, Yu.М. Den'ga, V.P. Antonovich

50 - 62
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Potentiometric sensors for determination of high-molecular polyvinylpyrrolidone

63 - 71
T.S. Chmilenko, E.V. Matorina, F.A. Chmilenko  
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The estimation of the contents of toxic trace elements in the blood of plant workers

72 - 75
T.S. Ulanova, E.V. Stenno, G.A.Veykhman, O.V. Gileva, M.A. Bakanina.  
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Research use or the system of UV-nano-TiO2-K2Cr2O7 for determination cod 76 - 82
S.Yu. Kelina, D.О.Tsymbal, Yu.М. Dedkov.  
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Study of retention of organophosphorus compoundsand volatile organic solventson polydimethylsiloxane using inverse gas chromatography  

Z. Ihdene, A. Mekki, Z. Bekkar, A.R Djelloul Sayah, I.V. Kapitanov, E.A. Karpichev, B. Hamada

83 - 90
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Determination of impurities in Drotaverine hydrochloride substance by reversed-phase HPLC

91 - 97

A.Yu. Kulikov, A.P. Boichenko, O.S. Chernysheva

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On the anniversary of Antonina Alemasova 98 - 99

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