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Volume 10, No.1 2015

Analysis of Elemental and Isotopic Composition of Uranium Ore Concentrate Using LA-ICP-MS

D.V. Kutnii, S.A. Vanzha, V.V. Levenets


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Selecting of the Diffuse Reflectance Spectra Parameters for Identification of Oxygen Containing Admixtures and the Degree of Interaction in ZnS(ZnO)–Dy2S3 Systems

N.A. Chivireva, I.V. Stoyanova, V.F. Zinchenko, A.O. Stoianov, I.R. Magunov, O.S. Mazur, V.P. Antonovich
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Indicator System for Express Solid-Phase Spectrophotometry and Visual-Test Determination of Cationic Surfactants in Water Solutions

T.I. Ivkova, K.M. Belikov
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New Reagents 2,6-Diaminopyrimidines and Benzimidazoles – Perspective Luminescent Reagents for Determination of Pt and Pd 23-28
O.A. Zaporozhets, O.B. Volovenko, I.M. Kovtunyk, R.P. Linnik, T.Ie. Keda, O.V. Tkachuk, D.S. Milokhov, O.V. Khilya
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Development and Validation Characteristics Description of Parabens Determination in Cosmetic Products by Micellar Thin-Layer Chromatography Technique 29-34
D.V. Yedamenko, L.P. Loginovа
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Chromatographic Chamber Saturation in Micellar Thin-Layer Chromatography 35-39
А.Yu. Renkevich, А.Yu. Kulikov
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