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Volume 10, No 2, 2015

Thermochemical Methods for the Characterization of the Organosilicas with Immobilized Aminophosphonic Acid

L.S. Kostenko, S. А. Alekseev, V. N. Zaitsev


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Silica Adsorbed Indicator System «La(III)-Alizarincomplexone» for Fluoride Determination in Saliva

A. S. Paustovska, L.S. Zinko, O.А. Zaporozhets, V.V. Nakonechna, O.S. Pogrebnyak
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Determination of the Content of Sulfate Ions in Drinking and Mineral Waters and Oxalate Ions in Tea with Direct Potentiometry Method

E.M. Rakhmanko, Yu.V. Matveichuk
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Colorimetric Determination of Albumin in Micellar Extraction System Mо(VI) – Bromopyrogallol Red – Triton X-100 67-72
M.V. Rohoza, S.A. Kulichenko
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Development and Validation of Assay and Stability-Indicating of gamma-Aminobutyric Acid in Tablets by Micellar Thin-Layer Chromatography 73-79
A.Yu. Kulikov, A.Yu. Renkevich, A.P. Boichenko
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The Application of 1-(5-Benzylthiazol-2-yl)azonaphthalen-2-ol in Extraction-Photometric Analysis of the Main Soils Pollutants Content (Copper, Zinc, Cadmium and Lead) 80-88
A.M. Tupys, O.S. Tymoshuk, P.V. Rydchuk
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Мирославі Михайлівні Тананайко - 90 років (open access) 89-91

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