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Volume 13, No.2, 2018

Cover page 51-52
Content 53-54
Determination of Thiamine as a Complex with 11-Molybdobismutho(III)phosphate in Sequential Injection Lab-at-valve System 55-63
A.B. Vishnikin, Y.V. Miekh, T.A. Denisenko, V.G. Kozhemiaka, V.Yu. Vishnikina, M.K.E.A. Al-Shwaiyat,
Ya.R. Bazel, V. Andruch
abstract | references
Comparison of the Methods Based on the Radiometric Analysis and Characteristic X-Ray Radiation for Definition of Strontium by Zeolites 64-70
V.V. Levenets, A.Yu. Lonin*, O.P. Omelnik, A.O. Shchur
abstract | references
Modification of Silica and Cellulose Surface by Polyhexamethyleneguanidine Hydrochloride and Its Determination 71-78
O.O. Siryk, V.N. Losev, S.L. Didukh, E. V. Elsuf'ev, A.K. Trofimchuk
abstract | references
Separation of Parabens by the RP HPLC on Cyanopropyl Chromatographic Phases from Different Manufacturers, using a Mobile Phase with High Water Content 79-84
O.A. Syrotchuk, I.R. Didukh, V.N. Zaitsev
abstract | references
Extraction-Photometric and Visual-Test Determination of Boron in Underground Local-Water of Oil and Gas Condensate Fields 85-89
E.A. Reshetnyak, N.N. Nemets, E.A. Shugaj, O.S. Chernyshova
abstract | references
Waste Water Treatment with Surfactant-Modified Fuller’s Earth for Removal of Acid Blue 29. A Statistical Approach 90-98
Jasmin Shah, Muhammad Rasul Jan, Mian Muhammad, Behisht Ara, Irum Hasan
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