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Volume 15, No.2, 2020

Cover page 49-50
Content 51-54
Preconcentration and Determination of Precious Metals using Silica Gel Chemically Modified with Products of Interaction of oor p-Aminotiophenols with γ-(Trietoxisilane)propylisocyanate 53-65
A.K. Trofimchuk, V.N. Losev, V.V. Parfenova, E.V. Elsuf’ev, N.V. Gudymа
Potentiometric Sensor for Analgin Determination in Pharmaceutical formulations 66-72
Z.A. Kormosh, T.I. Savchuk, D.I. Semenishin, S.V. Suprunovich,V.V. Kochubei, S.I. Korolchuk
Sorption Preconcentration of Silver for Atomic Absorption Analysis and Antibacterial Properties of the Acid-modified Clinoptilolite – Ag composite 73-82
V.O. Vasylechko, V.O. Fedorenko, O.M. Gromyko, G.V. Gryshchouk, Y.M. Kalychak, S.I. Tistechok, I.L. Us and A. Tupys
Method of Polarographic Determination of Platyphylline in a Form of N-oxide and its Validation in Solution for Injection 83-92
L.O. Dubenska, O.M. Dushna, М.V. Plyska, M Ye. Blazheyevskіy
Evaluation of Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with Heavy Metals for the Analysis of Paracetamol by Voltammetry and Impedance Spectroscopy 93-99
Hayat EL Ouafy, Tarik EL Ouafy, Mustapha Oubenali, Mohamed Mbarki, Malika Echajia

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