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Volume 16, No.1, 2021 (accepted articles)

Mesoporous silica with covalently immobilized anthracene as adsorbent for SPE recovery of PAHs pollutants from highly lipidic solutions 5-14
Albina Mikhraliieva, Rodrigo A Gonçalves, Vladimir Zaitsev
Influence of the Size of Colloid Nanorized Systems on the Luminescence Intensity of Eu(III) and Tb(III) Complexes 15-24
P.G. Doga, A.I. Marynin, A.V. Yegorova, Yu.V. Skripinets, V.P. Antonovich
Electroanalysis of Paracetamol by a Carbon Paste Electrode Modified by Zinc: Analytical Application in Human Blood 25-31
Hayat EL Ouafy, Tarik EL Ouafy, Mustapha Oubenali, Mohamed Mbarki, Malika Echajia, Aziz EL Haimouti
Evaluation of QuEChERS Sample Preparation for Determination of Benzimidazoles Residues in Meat by UPLC-MS/MS 32-40
O.V. Bayer, O.V. Bondarets, V.М. Mykhalska, L.V. Shevchenko, О.М. Stupak, J.V. Fesenko, Y.V. Dovgopol, N.V. Liniichuk, V.L. Kovalenko, I.V. Galka, M. J. Кryvenok, V.M. Poliakovskyi
Pharmacokinetics of Chitosan-Ethacridine Adduct in Rats 41-47
V.O. Antonyuk, N.O. Manko, I.O. Nektegaev, R.S. Stoika

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